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How to test the anchor positioning for a script that is not a part of the glyphsapp database (so the mark cloud feature is not working)? The script doesn’t have a unicode keyboard yet so I can’t test it on Indesign or other softwares.


Which script? As long as it is in Unicode, you can:

Masaram Gondi

I set up a preliminary XML here:

Let me know your GitHub handle, so I can add you as a contributor. Please read the tutorials I posted above. Best to edit the XML with EditGlyphData.

I cannot do this alone, will need your input. E.g. for the question if nukta-masaramGondi can use the same anchor or needs a separate one (as I did it now), etc., and perhaps a couple of decompositions can be added, like the one for aa-masaramGondi.

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