View XHTML codes of glyphs

Would be great to have XHTML codes for glyphs visible in Glyphs Mini.

The Unicode is allready visible, but while developing fonts for webpages it is very uncomfortable to control every sign-xhtml-code by loading “”. Or maybe it would be possible to switch between unicode or xhtml-code to see which one you work on.

is this idea something comming up in future versions of Glyphs?

i have written allready my own (64bit),
now for developing webpages i will include a css3 @font-face command-generator. which copy this rule with all converted fonts to the pasteboard ready to implement in own css projects.
what about a plugin which can do that?

You could build a system service (using automator and some scripts) that gives you the proper XHTML code.

And there might be some plans for the rest of your questions.