Virtual Master : Composite Glyphs : Brace Layer : Alignment


According to the “Creating a variable font” tutorial alternate layers are no longer needed in composite glyphs. I am not sure if I can find help in other forum threads here, as they refer to former times when the Composite Variabler script was still useful.

I have a virtual master that varies in width. My problem is that when I export the variable font and I test it by moving the ruler for the virtual master axis, the diacritic element is not aligned to the anchor. That does not happen if I add the intermediate layer in the composite. Is that a bug, am I doing something wrong or do I misinterpret the tutorial and the brace layer exception is still existing?

Maybe this problem is related: When I convert the layer to an intermediate layer it crashes the outline. It’s corrected when I re-interpolate the layer. I made a new test glyphs-file where I cannot reproduce this outline-crashing issue for whatever reason. The alignment problem is still there.

BTW: Maybe it is misleading to list the “alternate layer thing” in the tutorial’s “What works and what does not” when linking to a chapter that says it is no longer necessary?

I am using Glyphs 3.1 (3133)