Virtual master not working with brace trick


I’m trying to do something similar to what the tutorial about virtual masters teaches. However it’s not working when I export the font.

I have two masters - 100 & 600. The values of my virtual master is the same as the tutorial (0-100). Really frustrated. :frowning: Any help would be greatly appreciated!

What did do you try to achieve with the virtual masters. And can you post your exact setup or send me the file?

Hi yes,

I’m trying a make the connection between the horizontal line and the vertical line of the ‘n’, ‘h’, etc. I have two masters currently - 100 and 900 (changed it from 600)

Can you give me your email?

Are those the two masters or do you have a real Bold master that is not shows?

Only in the later case your need a second axis. In your existing masters, keep the value for this axis at zero. Add a virtual master at 100/100. Put the alternative n in a brace layers with the values of 100/100.

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That works!! I had the values the other way around.

Thank you so much!! Cheers.

Edit: and yes I have a separate bold master - this was just to show the difference between two virtual masters.