Visual alignment


Can I change the alignment settings somehow? for example now the characters are aligned by the edge. The spacing of V or A or O creates a visual gap and that’s a little bit unbalanced especially in large headlines in capital letters. So it is possible to set a visual or optic alignment?


Do you mean kerning?

No. when paragraph is set to align left the lines are aligned by the edge of the character in my case.
For example if i write a paragraphed aligned left consisting of two lines, the first one starting with N, the second one starting with A, i need the A to be a few points more to the left than the N so that they look optically aligned.
If you try this out with any font, you can clearly see letters like O, A, C etc are not actually aligned with straight letters like N, M or I, which makes it look more balanced.
(Sorry I did not mention that this is a paragraph alignment issue, when I use the font in illustrator or other program)


You can do a little bit with spacing, but cannot take care of this completely inside the font. DTP programs such as InDesign have functions built-in for this.