VOLT vs. Glyphsapp

Can glyphsapp replace MS VOLT in defining OpenType kerning classes/tables and other Volt’s features?

Glyphs can do a lot things that you needed VOLT before. This includes features necessary for arabic, devanagari, thai and of cause all features for latin fonts. There might be some rare special cases you would still need VOLT.

Most of the supported features are generated automatically.

Is there any example that shows how this could be handled in glyphs? I can't even generate final forms in arabic, where are they? as far as I know we need them in order to generate "final", "medial", "initial" OpenType features. how I should create anchors to generate OpenType "mark positioning", I can't find any "how to" tutorial. sorry I'm no programmer and glyphs seems pretty simple but I can't find the way.

need to use the correct glyph names. You can look them up in Window > glyph info.
e.g. alef-ar The position forms would be alef-ar.init alef-ar.medi alef-ar.fina
Ligatures look like this: lem_arlf-ar.fina …

The anchors should then show up automatically (if not, Layer > Set Anchors). If you select on, you should see a preview of all mark glyphs. You might want to adjust the anchor in the mark glyphs first.

The go to Font Info > Feature and hit the circular button on the lower left. It should generate several features, including the init, medi and fina.

Thats about everything you need to do.

There was a small problem in the latest version that prevented the automatic renaming of the glyphs in import. This will be fixed soon.