"Webfont Only" = OTF don’t show up in Adobe Apps

With the ”Webfont Only” checkbox, I just exported both Desktop and Webfonts from the same soruce in G2 and G3. The G3 export also manipulate the Desktop-fonts (OTF, TTF) so they don’t show up in adobe apps. Should not the ”Webfont Only” checkbox only affect the Webfont formats like in G2?

That is the point of this parameter.

But… In G2 it only made the Webfonts like that. Not the OTF- or the TTF-files. This made it possible to export the same instances for both Web and Desktop. Now you need to have double instances if you want to export for both. Is this as you would like it, or was the G2-way better?

Good question. I’ll think about it.

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Oh, can you please fix this, it was so convenient in 2, when you could just have that checkbox on the instances and the the webfonts was protected and the desktop fonts was normal. I don’t see any point of having the desktop fonts protected in this way so the user can not install :slight_smile:

My wish for Christmas!

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Any chance of Santa bringing us this option this year? Would simplify my export workflow

I agree. Please make it work as in G2.

Fixed it.


thank you santa!