Weights not listed properly in Figma

Hello there,
I received a ticket for an issue about font listing in Figma. The weights are not listed properly from the lighter to the bolder version. Everything is working fine in other apps, but in Figma they are kind of messed up. I don’t have any clue how to fix this problem.
The font weights are set as described in the glyphs tutorial, except that I added weight class custom parameters for two weights.
Have you ever encountered a similar problem? If yes, how does one fix it?

Depends on how Figma sorts weights. If it is not by weight class, it may do some guessing depending on the names of your styles. Are you using unusual style names?

Figma seems to sort weight differently every time, for example in my case messed up the center of the list, for another computer it messed up also the lighter weights. This is the names of my weights, they are a lot, I reckon…

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I think Figma list fonts a little bit different. There was some issues for us with a custom font, but it turned out that all fonts were listed that way. I think it listed something like this, so Regular and Bold always was first. I could remember wrong tho…


Ok it turned out that the weight class in Figma css are not listed progressively, for example the first four weights in css are “300” . This is an example of the Figma font definition in css.

    font-family: Myfonts;
    font-style: normal;
    font-weight: 300;
    font-size: 96px;
    line-height: 108px;

Try contacting Figma and see if the developers will explain how it works. It would be great to have a rapport between developers and type designers.