Weird bug - Glyphs duplicate Unicode when generate diacritics

I’m finishing a custom script font. When generate the diacritics Glyphs duplicate the unicode of the capitals and the minuscules and don’t let me export the font.

I also made a video capture:

In the video you can see that when I select the “wgrave” to check it the program opens the “Wgrave”.
How can I solve this?

It must be a problem with the last version, the 2.6.5 (1338)
I just check in other computer with the 2.6.5 (1308) and there’s no problem.

This is a known bug in the current cutting edge version of Glyphs and has been reported here:

In the meantime you can manually sort out the Unicodes for these Glyphs or run a short script in the macro window.

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I didn’t see that thread.

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I have fixed this. Will upload a new version later today.