Weird font preview in Finder

I’ve been having some problems generally today, but this in particular reminds me of something I’ve seen before in another font.

Every type of file has a way it appears as a preview in Finder (images show up as themselves, zip files show up as a piece of paper with a zipper, etc.), and font files show up as these characters set in the selected font:


However, the preview for my font shows:

¨bcd¸fgh ̇jklmnopqrstuvwxyz

In other words: there’s an extra 1 between the A and the B, the a is replaced with a dieresis, the e is replaced with a cedilla, and everything but the dot of the i is gone.

Can anyone help me figure out what’s going on, and if it’s an issue?

That must be your .glyphs file. Your .otf or .ttf should be fine.

I believe the preview plugin for .glyphs file has not been updated for Glyphs 2 and its advanced components, which is why the preview is partly glitched.

Okay, thank you!

Hi guys,

Any plans to fix the .glyphs file preview? I’m experiencing this issue with my file.

Which issue exactly? Can you post a screenshot?

In general, do not put too much weight on the Quicklook preview. It is cached and therefore not reliable.

The quicklime plugin is indeed a bit outdated. The next version of glyphs fixes this.

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I understand it’s being cached. It’s just everytime I select the .glyphs file I feel like I’ve created an abomination :laughing: