Weird glitch with intense variable font

I’m currently working on a pixel based typeface, that uses intermediate layers that act as the weight for the typeface. I wanted the pixel shape to change on multiple masters.

The ‘pixel’ glyph is component based, I created ‘pixel_base’. The component is always a square on every intermediate later, on every master.

Everything works perfectly in glyphs, but as soon as I export only a few of the letters actually work. I’ve gone through everything I know, but I couldn’t figure out how to fix it. I’ve attached the working file and some examples. What am I doing wrong?

As soon as you change any variable axis it gets rid of most letters. It also displays with missing letters in the Fontbook preview.

A2Z Bit V002.1 [C Test].glyphs (2.0 MB)

That are a lot pixels. I needed to adjust a few things to get the font exposed properly. So need to wait for the next update.

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I figured it had something to do with the amount of pixels, so you’re saying your adding a fix within the next Glyphs update?


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Thank you! I feel a little proud that I overloaded the program.

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Has this been updated yet? I installed the most recent update but it still doesn’t work.

You might need to enable “Show cutting edge versions” in Preference > Updates.

Currently on 3207, I don’t see another update available. I have cutting edge enabled.

I also think I’ve caught another glitch. On export it says my ‘these glyphs aren’t compatible’, but I’m pretty sure they are.

A2Z Bit V004.1 [Test].glyphs (1.4 MB)

Sorry by the way, I feel like I’m bugging you with this experiment.

@GeorgSeifert Was this ever fixed? I still can’t export it without it glitching. I got a few simpler versions to export, but I still would like to be able to export this.

A2Z Bit V2.1 [C Test].glyphs (2.0 MB)