Weird metrics / bounding box VF export issue on 3.0.5 release candidate


I was experiencing an odd export issue for woff / woff2 variable fonts which started happening, I believe, with the second 3.0.5 release candidate — on all other browsers than Firefox (mac, at least) the glyph jumps down outside its bounding box. I’m certain it’s not a css issue — when I revert to the latest stable 3.0.4 and re-export it works again and the glyph is perfectly centered in its element on all browsers.

For what it’s worth — macbook pro 16" M1 max, up to date on all OS stuff.

Can you send me the two exported fonts (the one that is correct and the broken one). Or you could compare the vertical metrics in the font yourself with OTMaster or ttx.

Sent! :slight_smile:

Sorry that it took so long.

I had a look at the files and I can’t see a meaningful difference except that the 3.0.5 file misses the STAT table. That is fixed in the latest cutting edge version. Could you try again and if it still happens send a .html that shows the problem?

Sorry too for the late reply — 3.0.5 (3120) seems to fix the issue — thanks!