What are these numbers

To Glyphs Users,

How would I go about cleaning up these numbers57%20PM glyph.

In Multi-layer editing can I possibly create a single glyph and see how the edits are applied.

The numbers are the path indexes, as shown with View > Show Master Compatibility. You can disable its display with the same menu command.

I think I do not understand what this means.
‘Multi-layer editing’: do you mean the Select All Layers tool?
‘Create a glyph’: generate a glyph, or insert an existing glyph in Edit view?
‘see how edits are applied’: hold down the space bar during editing? Or do you mean something else?

One bit wasn’t mentioned: All the copy pasting has to be done from in the font view.

What does Georg mean in the font view I’m using Glyphs 2.5.2 (1158)
I cannot seem to use Paste Special.

Show Master Compatibility helped as I need to manually tidy up the glyph.
If I hold the space bar it shows edits applied in Black can a glyph be tidied up
only manually from each node.15%20PM

Depends on what exactly you want to do. Have you tried Filter > Remove Overlap?

Also: Paths > Tidy Up Paths and a few things from Window > Plugin Manager, like Delete Small Paths.

I have tried tidy up paths to clean up the glyph would there be a way to select the extended nodes and view them
manually or see each one selected via a color ‘‘Not Black’’ to adjust each manually. They are so close together
Remove overlap clears the outer outlines I Want to keep small paths so Delete Small Paths may not work
which is not suitable.

What are extended nodes? You mean handles (a.k.a. off-curve nodes, BCPs)? Opt-drag selects only on-curve nodes, shift-drag selecting again (or Edit > Invert Selection) will reverse the node selection.

There are also scripts and plugins for retracting BCPs.

extended nodes ie handles of bezier curves, lines etc.

‘‘There are also scripts and plugins for retracting BCPs’’.
could you provide a link for retracting BCPs.

Try the Retractor filter from Window > Plugin Manager.

Where do you get all that paths from? And what do you expect to get when it’s cleaned up?

‘‘It deletes (‘retracts’) all Bézier control points (a.k.a. BCPs, handles), making sure only straight line segments remain’’.

Is it possible to add a feature to retract (a.k.a. BCPs, handles) back to the original node on straight lines or segments.
This would help remove further added black handles for paths not required to clean up this glyph.

Not sure I understand, but you probably mean what Path > Tidy Up Paths does?