What does a teal metrics key stand for?

I have this $ sign with sidebearings linked to S, which is shown as having metrics keys out of sync. When selecting the $ glyph in the font list, its sidebearings are marked in teal color - what does that signify?

Also, no matter of syncing metrics keys gets rid of this status as not having metrics keys synced. Opening the glyph and looking at each master, all values seem synced (no red highlight). First I thought this is because of bracket layers in the $, but I also have Germandbls synced to S, with the same teal metrics key. What’s going on with that?

Did you add/use bracket layers ?

I did on the dollar, and also thought this might have to do with it. However, I’ve also linked the right sidebearing of capital Germandbls to S, with the same outcome - and that glyph does not have bracket layers.

It means the metrics key is invalid or there where a problem to calculate the value. Could you send me the .glyphs file?

Are all the points on the grid, or are the metrics in whole values ?

Sent it to info ät glyphsapp, thanks for having a look.

Yes they are. Also they appear to sync, just the key is highlighted in green (glyph view) or teal (font view) nonetheless.

There is no “S” glyph in the font. The glyph that contains the “S” shape is called “St”.

I can’t find the emoij for facepalm, but… yea… :rolling_eyes:

Ugh, sorry for that. Must have accidentally typed something with the glyph name active, but the unicode of cause remained intact.