What is the max size allowed for a glyph?

I meet the problem with exporting my font once I added glyphs with big swashes like this:

It is around 16,000 width. After some experiments I noticed that it allows me to export when my glyphs are no more then 8,000. Is any chance to implement my idea with long swashes like on my example?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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I think the upper limit is around 5,000 but it seems that anything over about 4,000 is going to cause problems for some software.

If this were my script, I would make it half-size or even a third-size to get it down below 4,000, then instruct the users that they have to double or triple the point size they set it at to set it correctly.

Beautiful script, too!

Try exporting without removing overlap.

Adobe’s remove overlap algorithm does not work if there are node coordinates beyond +/-8191 involved. To circumvent, you could disable the Remove Overlap checkbox in the export dialog and add a Filter/RemoveOverlap parameter to your instance with an exclude clause:

Thank you all for your help. For now I decided to create a separate font. It will include set of letters with this big swash. When I make it half-size that work fine.

Unchecking overlap option when exporting doesn’t work.

Thanks again guys, your product is terrific.

Strange. Can you send me the .glyphs file please to support (at) (this website without www). I will have a look.

The official limit is 2 to the power of 14 in all directions, totalling 2 to the power of 15, 16384 to the left and 16384 to the right if you center those great swashes. Although I found a super obscure bug once: only when the outline is ttf, and the glyph is within ANSI, and ClearType is on, and the application is PowerPoint, then the limit is reduced to a third of the max. :slight_smile: I had to make one extended “W” on a high UPM a bit narrower otherwise all letters would collapse onto each other. I found the bug and fixed the font in only 1 hour, after colleagues gave up trying to get the font to work on some customers’ laptop…