What is this underlined U for?

Hi there,

what is this underlined U for? :slight_smile:

That is a plugin that previews the underline if you have the settings in the masters.

Hi Georg - How do I activate that in the master? :slight_smile:

Add a “underlineThickness” and a “underlinePosition” parameter to the masters.

Any chance you could add strikeout preview too?

The Plugin is quite simple. So you could modify it to display the strikeout. This is perfect for learning how to make a plugin :wink:

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Plugins seem to be way scarier than scripts :smile: but I’d definitely try, may I ask where to find it though? Can only see executable files under /Applications/Glyphs.app/Contents/PlugIns, is that not the right place?

~/Users/yourusernamegoeshere/Library/Application\ Support/Glyphs/Plugins
Cmd-Shift-L, then /Application\ Support/Glyphs/Plugins