What's the best way to add an extrapolated Light as new master?

I’m working on a font family and already have a Regular and Bold as my masters. I’m extrapolating the Light and SemiBold (instances).

I’m using the Bold master as the Heavy instance, since the dropdown menu on the Master tab only goes to Bold. As a master, the Heavy option is not available there.

Before I go to much into the details with my design I want to set the Masters up correctly. I’d like to add the Light as the first Master and interpolate the weights in-between with the Black. What’s the best way to do this?
I’ve tried adding a Master, but that just adds an empty font to my Glyphs file.
I’ve tried adding another font. This works, but it’s not used as the Master, even if I drag it all the way up. It just exports an empty font.

Or would it be better to leave it as it is and just extrapolate the weights around the Regular and Bold?

Can anybody help out? Thanks in advance. Reverse engineering this Master setup is mind boggling to me. :wink:

File > Generate Instances. Then add the Light font as a master (in font info > masters > plus button in the lower left).

Like this?

Does this mean it now interpolates from the Light to the Regular and from the Regular to the Bold?

I’m not sure if I should delete the Regular. You know?

You can keep it for the moment, and ignore the master (there’s a custom parameter for that) for the instances. This way you can compare your interpolations.

If you need to do a lot correction on the Light, then you might need the Regular. But if the Lights is mostly fine after the extrapolation, the regular is redundant. You can try the difference by reinterpolating the Regular for some letters to see the difference.

Thanks Rainer and Georg,

Unfortunately my Light is quite crappy. I have a really good ‘sketch’ of a font, and the extrapolation shows me the quality of my glyphs. :wink:

Btw, what is the custom parameter to ignore the master for the instances?

I think it is called ignore masters, who would have guessed? :slight_smile:

Hm, I could have guessed that. :wink:

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