What's this export error mean?


hi—I’m trying to export a file that’s previously exported before. tried to read the generateFont.command file, but this is all it says:

pk$ a-temp/generateFont.command ; exit;

-bash: a-temp/generateFont.command: No such file or directory


…which I can’t figure out. is it choking on the filename? that a-temp directory doesn’t make sense to me.

file’s called “Big Shoulders 20190106a” (this is a process file in which I’ve needed to do a lot of exports to get approvals from a committee I’m working with; long story) but when the numerical date component is removed, it exports as expected.

this is from Version 2.6.1 (1199).


You just need to double click the file in Finder. You find it by clicking “Show Script Folder” from the Script menu. Next to that folder, you find the Temp folder.


yeah, that’s what I was doing. it was the a-temp directory name that was causing confusion. it doesn’t exist. once I cleared the entire temp directory, renamed the file without the date structure 20190106a, exported (successfully) & then changed it back to include the date structure again, it exported as I expected it to.