What's this red triangle

Hello, I’m experimenting with two layers (regular and bold). I made a copy of the regular layer, called it Bold, etc. With some changes, removing nodes for example, a red line and triangle appears. What’s the meaning of this and is it a problem?
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Your two masters are incompatible in some way. They must have the same number of nodes, and have the same node as their first node, and have the same path direction. Shift+Opt+Cmd+R will make Glyphs try to fix it. That sometimes works.

In case the path structure is not the issue, don’t forget that anchors and corner/cap components also need to be the same.

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Yes, it’s clear and it works. Thank you both.

You can move your mouse pointer over the red triangle icon and a tooltip will explain why it is there. For the rest for the icons that can appear in a glyph call, have a look at the Font Info chapter in the Handbook.