When glyphs 3 handbook will be available

When glyphs 3 handbook will be available ?

Handbook is really useful and I hope it will be updated too, meanwhile probably the tutorials can help you. There are pretty detailed and even cover some some complex topics.

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We need to do it step by step. Tutorials have priority. I cannot give you a date for the handbook yet.

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+1 for a handbook, or stop supporting the handbook altogether and move it all into online tutorials.

New users like me, who are trying to learn the subtler features of bezier selection and editing for example, are switching between the online tutorials, the old handbook PDF, and release notes (lasso selection for example).

The app is amazing. The documentation is an area for improvement imho. Thanks

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Any update? Thanks!

@GeorgSeifert & @mekkablue, any chance you could give an estimation? Even a very rough one (weeks / months / more) could be useful to me at the moment. Thanks!

It’s finished when it’s finished. Maybe in a month, maybe in three. I don’t know how to be more precise, sorry.


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I’d like to go over the handbook from beginning to end, and I’m wondering if I should wait for the new edition or not.

Check it out at Learn | Glyphs

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Thank you, Glyphs team, for the new v3 handbook!