When I open a Glyph 2 file in Glyph 3 several Alignment Zones vanish

I don’t understand why several Alignment Zones go missing when I open a Glyph 2 file in Glyph 3. It looks like it’s related to the fusion of the Alignment Zones and Metrics dialogues in Glyphs 3, but I think data should be preserved. Any idea?

The data model for alignment zones changed a bit. The zones that match a vertical metric are merged with them, the rest is put into a “Alignment Zones” parameter. You need to manually move them into the metrics. I’ll have a look if that can be improved.

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Why the alignment zones moved to a custom parameter are no visualized in the glyph window? I think they should.

The metics and zone info is only controlled by the “Metrics”. The parameter is only for storing the values.

OK, but this policy is clearly wrong. Data is converted to a section where the visualization is lost (with no warning).

As I said, I’ll have a look.

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I second this, I am having a hard time understanding the new alignment zone policy, and feel it is quite confusing.

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Also find this very confusing.

Also for ex. that the x-hight zone is not visible in the caps edit view… Why should this be any good?

IMHO, mixing the concepts of “Vertical Metrics” with “Alignment Zones” was not a good idea. I hope it will be corrected in the future.

I second that!

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