When to set panose numbers, TypoAscender, WinAscent, etc.?

When I convert fonts from .vfb to .glyphs, I see custom parameters set for things like panose, glyphOrder, and TypoAscender. With the exception of some OpenType features, I have been deleting the custom parameters carried over from FontLab Studio. My limited testing in Windows hasn’t shown any obvious problems, but I want to make sure I have my bases covered. How necessary is it to set these custom parameters? My goal is to make fonts that work predictably on PC and Mac.

There are explanations for every parameter in the appendix of the handbook. For Vertical Metrics, see the vertical metrics tutorial. Forget panose, it is pretty much irrelevant.

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If you don’t know what the values are, chances are that you don’t need them ;).

Like the cavalier reasoning :grinning:


Thanks. I have read most of the explanations in the handbook, as well as many pages elsewhere. What I was looking for was expert opinions like, “Forget panose, it is pretty much irrelevant.”

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