Where do you add feature "Name:" to SS01 feature?

In the Glyphs handbook, it says, “If you add ‘Name:’ plus the feature’s descriptive name to the feature note at the bottom, Glyphs will generate the feature name entries for stylistic set names.” I don’t see a feature note at the bottom. Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks.

It might be resized to zero height. Try to drag up the lower border of the feature code view.

Here’s a screenshot so you know where to look. You just type “Name:” and then the (duh) name you want the set to show in InD etc.

Found it, thanks. Just wondering, will “Name:” work with cv01 also?

No, the CV features works differently and are more complicated.

By definition, Character Variants (cvXX) of different glyphs which happen to have the same suffix have nothing in common with each other. So it would not make sense to give them a name.

Stylistic Sets are different. Glyphs that belong to the same set are expected to have a style feature in common. Hence they can have a name.