Where do you get your Latin text samples?

Here’s a thread not specifically related to Glyphs, but it might be of benefit to those of us who design Latin typefaces: Finding good sample text for proofing typefaces seems like an ever-returning headache for me, so I wanted to ask where you find good texts for proofing your fonts? Text that includes numbers, various punctuation and grammar marks, brackets and other symbols, etc.

You can check my plugin Context Manager (Available via the Plugin Manager)
It come with a database for Latin/Greek and Cyrillic.


Thanks Hugo. I will check it out. I’m also on the lookout for a sort of “one size fits most” longer continuous text, reminiscent of a realistic body text that not only works for proofing inside Glyphs but could also be “presentable” enough to feature in a type specimen as body text sample.

Here are some additional ressources :

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These seem like great resources!

I’ve previously been pretty happy using the Impallari Font Testing Page http://www.cyreal.org/Font-Testing-Page/index.php but it seems it’s gone offline.

Also just stumbled upon this one: https://bulletproof.italic.space

I always use this, more specifically, the section with Sherlock Holmes (careful, 6.5MB text file):


I just go to news websites?
You can find texts in different lengths in different languages. I don’t think it gets any more real to proof your design

Apart from everything already said, Type-X is really helpful for seeing your font in real life scenarios (probably, at late stages of its development) :slight_smile: