Where should I input Glyph 2 Metrics' Asc / Desc values in Glyphs 3?

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The Ascenders and Descender values from the Metrics dialogue are now missing in Glyphs 3.
Where should I input these values? Are they “Preview Ascender” and “Preview Descender” from the Custom Parameters area?



They go into the Metrics section in the master settings:

But my Metrics’s Ascenders and Descender values (summing up 1000 units) aren’t the same as the Alignment zones.

Should I create a zones called something like “Ascender / Descender Height” with their alignment zones and leave the Ascender / Descender Y value (summing up 1000) with zero alignment zone?

In the Metrics section, use the measurements from your drawings. If that doesn’t match the values you need in the various fields in the final font, add a custom parameter for those (typoAscender …).

(The summing to 1000 is not needed)

(The summing to 1000 is not needed)

What are then the recommended values for:
typoAscender / Descender, typoLineGap, hheadAscender / Descender, hheaLineGap, WinAscent / Descent ?

Why I can’t add Alignment Zones as custom parameters? They are created only if they come from a Glyph2 file.

I would like to continue using this scheme because it has always worked fine for my foundry:

This is the so-called UPM Dogma. It is deprecated. An in-depth discussion is the Vertical Metrics tutorial.

I strongly recommend the “webfont strategy”.

This is the so-called UPM Dogma. It is deprecated.

Still… we should be able to implement this scheme if we have reasons to do so. Problem is Glyphs tends to much to automatize and impose certain workflows while we font producers like to have more power to edit what we want / need to edit.

You can implement whatever you like. Don’t mix my recommendations with technical limitations of Glyphs.

The typo values are technical values that are not relevant when designing. So specify those in the bit more technical custom parameters and use the Metrics for design relevant measurements. So your ‘Ascender’ moves to typoAscender and the ‘Asc Height’ can be the default Ascender.

A thing I don’t like about the new logic: When the design ascender/descender are different in the masters, the view jumps when stepping through the masters. It’s hard to see compare masters when the view scale or position changes. I thought the Preview Ascender and Preview Descender custom parameters could fix this, but they don’t…

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The Preview Ascender/Descender are for the preview area (below the edit view).

That is a good point. There is a EditView Line Height parameter that can stabilize this a bit. I changed it that the edit view would use the typo values if defined in the masters.

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I had also my issues with the “new logic”. Until now I used additional metrics parameters:

It would be nice if you´ll update the vertical metrics tutorial regarding this “changes”.