Where to begin on a complex set of Glyphs

Hi all, been a while since I posted on the forum. Since then I designed and imported my initial set of glyphs from glyphs mini to full Glyphs. No matter how much I read up I’m still at a loss at where to begin on programming my glyphs into a usable format with a keyboard. I think the sheer depth and capability of the software is just intimidating me! You may remember me posting a while back about my set of letters in which the vowel shape and placement depends on the consonant that either leads or follows it. Attached I have an image letters by themselves, as well as an image of how I would like them to eventually behave when they are all programmed correctly. If anyone can give me some pointers on where to start it would be greatly appreciated. Excuse my novice level because I know that even the letters are not currently spaced right! Thanks.

You need to write a contextual OpenType feature. The thing you are trying is rather complex and it might be a good idea to find someone to help you with this. But to get started, have a look a this tutorials:

@GeorgSeifert Ive put in a lot of work since you sent me these articles! Currently I have all my glyphs spaced and kerned correctly. I wrote a bunch of CALT features for them but im running into my next daunting task! Like I said earlier the vowels in this script change shape based upon what letter either follows or proceeds them. I was looking into what type of options I would have for some of the more complex vowel interactions. I read up on what you sent about positional alternates but I think writing some lookups would be easier for my head to wrap around? I know they would take quite a while to write but might be ultimately easier for me.

Basically what im asking is how to format my writing in the CALT features to accommodate multiple rules in a line of code.

Thanks for your continued help!

@Quinnlookin Can you send me your file (via DM or by email to support at this domain), please? Perhaps we can schedule for a quick Skype call next week.

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