Where to clone github repos?


I’m new to github and I’m trying to clone some plugins and scripts repositories but when I placed them inside the scripts folder inside glyphs it doesn’t work. I’m using Sourcetree and I’ve managed to clone to other locations, but not inside the Glyphs app folder.
Any idea whats happening?

just download and place folder inside Scripts folder. No need to fork it unless you are going to modify them.

Isn’t cloning a way to keep the scripts and plug ins updated?

I have a folder where I clone to repository into and then I put a Finder alias into the Scripts folder. A bit easier to maintain. And then pull the repos once in a while

Ok that’s an option, thanks.
But, and just to clear my doubts, is it possible to clone a repo inside Glyphs app folder?

That should be fine.

It didn’t work for me.
I’ve managed to clone to other apps just to test, but for Glyphs 2 it doesn’t work. Any ideas why this is happening?

what exactly are you doing. Where did you clone what?

I was trying to clone this repo:

To this folder:
Applications/Glyphs\ 2.app/Contents/Scripts

Your personal set of scripts and plugins should go in your user folder, here:

~user/Library/Application Support/Glyphs/Scripts (or Plugins, as the case may be).

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:+1: Thanks!

Never do anything inside the Glyph.app bundle. That will break the app. To go to the user Scripts folder use Script Menu > Show Script Folder.

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Thanks @GeorgSeifert!
Didn’t know that.
I’ll keep that in mind!