Where to I find and change vertical metrics settings?

Thanks, Georg!


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That is good to know, Thanks!

Is there a special syntax for group terms when setting kerning classes? I got an error when outputing a font that my “@Y-L” was improper?

Did you type that into the group field?
Don’t add the ‘@‘.

I bet that is what I did?

can I search and replace it out of all my group names or must I single style through each class reference?

Not really. The quickest way would be to open the file in a text editor and to the search and replace there.

What is “The File”? The Glyphs file or some subset that Glyphs can export?

I tried that just now and nothing happens unless I also change the Custom Parameters" as well…

The custom parameters override the settings above. I would remove the custom parameters. Select them and click the minus button.

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