Which glyphs does Glyphs auto-generate on export?


Glyphs automatically creates a glyph for not defined on export.

What other glyphs are automatically generated?

I’ve added a list filter for Adobe Latin 1 and it’s added a few glyphs such as NULL and .notdef that I’d rather leave out if Glyphs is already looking after it.

Adobe Latin 1 has also added things like CR and nbspace which I suspect I could remove.


The .notdef glyph is the only one generated if not defined on export, as I recall.

The Adobe Latin 1 list you’re using is likely outdated. From where did you copy it? As far as I know, this is the current version of the Adobe Latin Character Sets.

NULL and CR as part of the first four glyphs recommendation was removed from the OpenType specification recommendations as of version 1.8.0 (9 Sep 2018) to follow ISO/IEC 14496-22:2015 Amendment 1. It was originally part of the TrueType spec a long time ago.

I suggest leaving out NULL and .notdef.

Thank you! That’s great.

I’ve downloaded the current version of Adobe Latin Character Sets now.

I’d really like to add it as a list filter in Glyphs, do I need to manually copy the glyph names from the text file’s Glyph Name column, or is there a better way?

That’s the simplest way. Note that some of the names that Adobe uses may be different than the Glyphs nice names. guillemet{left,right} are two glyphs that were originally misspelled, i.e., mot instead of met, in Adobe PostScript and continue to be. Also, some of the Adobe names will be uniXXXX whereas Glyphs will have a nice name.

For the uniXXXX glyphs (and even the misspelled ones I just mentioned), you can select those names in the filter edit window, Control-click to pop up the context menu and select Services > Make Nice Glyph Names. It may not catch everything, but hopefully it’ll be close.

Back during Glyphs 1 (around 2013), I had hacked together scripts to map the Adobe lists to the Glyphs nice names. If the above doesn’t work for you, I may be able to dig those up or write new versions. Also, others may have similar lists. Though, I think it’ll be easy enough to copy the Glyph name column. You could also copy the Unicode column, making sure to add a uni prefix to each 4-digit number, and do the same Make Nice Glyph Names.

That’s fantastic, thanks. I should be okay without the script. I’ll see how I go.

If you have the old names in a filter, the names will be updated on the fly. The list filter will still say it misses a glyph.