While editing is the width of Contextual Alternates not the same as the visible width

I am working a lot with contextual alternates and this is my case:

when some glyphs are taken together with calt, and by this action, the width of the old glyphs together is not the same as the width of the new glyph, the mouse can’t select the right glyph.

Like in the example
sub c o r p o r a t e space l o g o by logo;
I see the glyph with the logo in the edit view.

But when I want to select this glyph with the mouse, and double click to edit it, it doesn’t open this glyph. In stead, (I think) it selects one of the old glyphs before the substitution.
This behaviour can also be seen when going trough a sentence with the arrow keys on the keyboard: the insertion point (that vertical line) goes trough every single glyph (c o r p o r a t e space l o g o) in stead of taking the visible glyph (logo) as a complete block.

I know this bug is there for almost two years now, but I am tired to search every time again how to reach the right glyph. Is there a solution?

I know the problem and will try to fix it.