Why are only ss01 glyphs added to salt?

If glyphs with the .ss01 suffix exist a salt feature is generated for the .ss01 glyphs. Other .ssXX glyphs are not added to the salt feature. Is this a bug?

That is an old hack. Back than, Only Illustrator would support salt but no ssXX. Indesign would do the opposite. That way, at least some alternates where available in bot apps. Illustrator does support ssXX now, so I can drop that hack now.

Hi, this is happening with me on Version 2.6.4 (1274). I have only one glyph with .ss01. and two generated flags: salt & ss01

That’s what’s supposed to happen.

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That comment was about a future version. If you do not like salt to be produced, you can disable it. But it doesn’t hurt. And if you only have a single stylistic set, it makes sense to reduplicate it as salt.


i am not annoyed from that as long as it is not a mistake. and glyphs team is aware of it.

Does that mean, glyphs.app should already, or comming versions will add glyphs from any stylistic set to the salt-feature?
I am doing that manually and it works in InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop 2020 and QuarkXPress 2019. Are there any reasons against it? Maybe for compatibility with older Adobe/Quark-Versions or with Office-Apps?

salt was a workaround for Illustrator, which used to not support stylistic sets (ssXX), and only stylistic alternates (salt).

It makes no sense to reduplicate all ssXX in salt, because ss01 and ss02 may substitute the same glyph. There is a mekkablue script called Feature Code Tweaks which does collect all ssXX in salt. But do double check and fix manually where necessary, because the script cannot guess your intentions.