Why can I edit other people's topic titles?

Hello, after the launch of the new interface of the Glyphs forum I am still struggling to understand some parts of it. One thing, for instance, is: why am I able to edit other people’s topic titles? I am very sorry that I changed the title on another topic (Inverted components?), I didn’t think it would work, but it appears I can just edit away at other topics’ titles. There’s a big pencil icon next to each topic title for me. Also, what’s with pinning and unpinning posts? Why can’t I get rid of the “unpinned” icon on a topic that I accidentally pinned once?

While I’m at it, a way to set the notification behaviour in a thread (following a thread to be notified about news without having to write a message in it) would be fantastic. It was present in the old version of the forum.

Discourse, the forum software that the Glyphs Forum is using, allows users with the level “regular” or higher to edit the title of other posts. Is is meant to be used so you can fix a bad title or rephrase the title to attract people to the question.

You are a regular:

You can read more about trust levels here:

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Oh god. I’m terribly sorry. Thank you very much for pointing that out! I’ll try and fix my bad edit on the aforementioned topic.

There is an edit history for each post, so you use can open the edit history view (click this ↑ small pencil with the number of edits next to it) and copy the previous title.

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