Why don't anchors always show mark previews?

Why don’t anchors always show mark previews? I’ve noticed that with Devanagari I sometimes select and mark and Glyphs displays a preview for every glyph on screen except the one I’m working on. This is very irritating.

It’s possible that the missing marks/accents aren’t listed for that glyph in GlyphData.xml. If so, Georg can update the file with appropriate data. In the meanwhile, you can also add your own lines in:
~/Library/Application Support/Glyphs/Info/GlyphData.xml

You can learn some about that file here: http://www.glyphsapp.com/tutorials/roll-your-own-glyph-data

I simplify my copy without the header info and just putting my modifications between glyphData tags. Hope that makes sense.

Which mark glyph is not showing the accent/mark cloud? And for which glyph?

What glyphs do you have the problems with? And do they have anchors?

I’ll make a list as I encounter problem Glyphs this week and email it to you.