Why don't most fonts work in Word for Mac?

I know that Word for Mac is very picky about fonts, it seems that about 50% of third party fonts will show up in Word for Mac 2011. Fonts show up in Font Book, Adobe Suite Programs, Pages, etc - but don’t show up in Word for Mac. These same fonts work fine in Word on a PC.

Does any one know the reason why? I would love to be able to “fix” fonts that don’t work in Word for Mac. I’m also making my own font using glyphs mini and can’t get it to work in Word for Mac.


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I think I found an explanation (it’s not helping that typophile is down)


" Important for Word 2011 for Mac: The following additional recommendations are also new and address problems with Microsoft Word 2011 for Mac:

After completing the steps described above, go to Font Info / Names and Copyright / Additional OpenType Names.
Click on the “Import Names” button (the first button on the top of the pane).
In the list of name table entries, find the entry NID=16, PID=1, EID=0, LID=0 (i.e. the Mac Preferred Family name) and remove it using the “—” button.
In the list of name table entries, find the entry NID=17, PID=1, EID=0, LID=0 (i.e. the Mac Preferred Subfamily name) and remove it using the “—” button.
In Preferences / Creating OpenType & TrueType, in the drop-down list choose “Export only OpenType name records - ignore default names”."

Is there a way to adjust these settings in Glyphs Mini, or do I need the full version?

You are fine with Mini as it never creates the mentioned name table entries. Why your font are not working seems to be another problem.

I found a workaround, but I’m not sure why it works. If I convert the .otf to a .dfont, and then the .dfont to a .ttf - boom - the font now works in all programs.

I have a lot of clients who use Word for Mac and run into this problem all the time. I’m just happy to have a solution for them!


How did you convert the fonts?

I’m also keen to learn about this issue.

I just used an online font converter.

Could you send me a .otf that doesn’t work and a .ttf that does work? Maybe I can find the difference that makes it work. And are you sure it isn’t a font cache problem?

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has anyone tried testing whether or not Panose classifications make any difference to MS Word?

I heard that they did; didn’t test myself

This came up in a conversation today and was wondering if you were able to find the difference?

Also lesliespace mentioned that the end result is a .ttf.
Can an .otf work just as good for the case described?