Why Glyphs removed my segment?

Hello, I’m new to Glyphs 3, I’m working on a Hanji design that involves segment components.

I open the file to carry on the work, Glyphs remove the segment components without any warning, and it leaves a weird gray line on the left bottom side. When I press “command A+A” to select the segment, it only selects blue dots.

It is weird, it didn’t remove all the segments in the file, I’m confused.

On the left side: Glyphs removed the segments.
On the right side: The original design.

What version of glyphs is this?
Can you send me the .glyphs file that I can have a look?

Thanks for the reply, Devs.

Version. 3.1.2(3151)

Today, I am looking for solutions, so I updated the software to see if it is working but it doesn’t fix the problem. Before updating the software, I am using Version(3133)

I can’t send the file here cuz I just register today. Maybe I can send you the file via E-mail?

Please send it by email to support at this domain.

I am not familiar with this website, where can I get that email? thx

Thanks for the file. The segments that are applied to the paths, and the names of the _segments glyphs have different names. e.g. glyphs named “_segments.Regular” and the segments component use “_segment.regular”. If you rename the glyphs to lowercase, they should show up again.

It works, I have no idea the software requires lowercase to do it. Thanks Dev.

It doesn’t require lowercase. The names need to match in the glyph and the segments. You can use uppercase names in both.