Why is VF export still Beta?

I exported a variable font with Glyphs3, and build the same font on fontmake.
I ran both fonts trough fontbakery to compare the quality, and they are similar.
The Glyph version even had two Fails less. It seems too be ok, with all the necessary tables, etc.

So why is the export on G3 still beta, is there anything that you are still working on to make it final?

Second question: if fonts have no manual hinting they are exported with no hinting, right? Are there any chances in the future for ttfautohint to work on variable fonts?
The missing hinting its the only thing that prevents from shipping variable fonts.
ttfautohint does a nice job on static fonts.


I’m about to remove the beta tag ;). I just recently fixed a few big issues.



About the Hinting:
if fonts have no manual hinting are they exported with no hinting at all?
Are there any chances in the future for ttfautohint to work on variable fonts?


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About ttfautohint, you need to ask its developers.

Hi Georg,
I’m just deep into STAT table, having front with opsz, wght and ital and I had to write the NAME and STAT table myself. Is G3 going to handle this soon? The tricky part of this is, that with different opsz there is different bold linking, so it is not always 400->700. Looking forward to this.

If you can supply some samples font I can see if I can adapt the exporting :wink:

Im also having troube in correctly linking roman and italic on a font with opsz axis.

How do you edit /see the stat table?

I will send you some examples Georg.

At the moment I’m using Text editor and TTX. Most of the work is writing style names, postscript names in name table and assigning that in the stat and fvar table. Another thing is defining the ranges for format 2 axis values and style linking with format 3.

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@Rui_Abreu As if FontBackery would be able to detect all the stuff move-fast-and-break-things-Glyphs3 is breaking.

Also, I would not tust FontBackery too much.
In a online workshop, we learned, that FontBackery will detected and report different things, depending on the OS version. Even though, we all where working with the same virtual environment and sample-files.

Stuff like this :weary:

or this