Width of diacritic glyphs?

What is the best practice for establishing the advance width and left/right placement of marks that are used with anchors to make diacritic letters? (I mean in the symbol’s glyph itelf, e.g. caron, acute.i, __caron.alt, etc.) Is centering these and making all their sidebearings the same a reasonable solution? Since __caron.alt isn’t centered, how should it be placed?

Whatever you want them to look like whenever they stand by themselves. (__)caron.alt doesn’t matter since you cannot type it directly, and it is probably a good idea to set to not export.

Oh, I didn’t realize you could not-export glyphs that were components in exported glyphs! I should probably do that with all my *.case and *.i accents, too, huh?

keep in mind that if yo export as TrueType (to generate web fonts), it might be better to export the extra component glyphs as otherwise the accented letters would be decomposed and it results in bigger files.

And you can add spacing to the nonspacing makes, too. The space it removed on export. This makes it much easier to edit them.