Wierd results when inserting ligature in Illustrator from Glyphs panel


I made some ligatures in my font. They work well in InDesign. I can also type them out properly in Illustrator.
But when I insert them from Glyphs panel, I get weird results…

In Photoshop, everything works fine, except when I type out a 3 letter ligature, the ligature doesn’t work.
I activated ligatures etc…

Is this a bug in Illustrator/Photoshop?
Because they all work fine in InDesign…


Not sure about Photoshop, but @LiebeFonts discovered a bug in AI that may be related, I believe it was that after inserting anything from the glyphs panel, OT features are broken. You may need to delete all text and start typing from scratch.


Jepp, also in InDesign: When you select a character through the glyphs panel, ligatures and contextual alternates are not active anymore (both are active by default).
Here is a video that shows the problem:

Already filed an official bug report at Adobe and send the insights to friends that work there.
Let’s hope for the best.