Will Glyphs use Apple pencils in the future?

Can you consider this function: connect the iPad and Mac, directly draw and modify the glyph with an apple pencil.

You can use Apple Pencil already. What do you mean by direct drawing, is it like brushes in Photoshop?

Apple Pencil除了可以作畫筆用,對矢量圖的操作也有比鼠標方便的地方。而且,在觸摸屏上有左手輔助的情況下,比如描繪一個路徑,或者,切割一個字形,Apple Pencil比鼠標做得會更好。
In addition to being used as a brush, Apple Pencil also has some advantages over a mouse when it comes to vector graphics. Also, Apple Pencil does a better job than a mouse when the touch screen is assisted by a left hand, such as drawing a path or cutting a glyph.

Words are supposed to be written with a pen, and the mouse and keyboard are transitional tools.

Writing is only one of many different ways of making letters. Typeface forms can reach far beyond written forms, and do not need to be limited to imitating the latter.

Besides, making a bezier shape with brush-like tool would be a gold if you could actually get clean outline results out of it. I have made one before, and the outlines were quite messy.

Pencil is used to draw outline and mouse is used to fine tune. This would be a better solution.

The smooth algorithm of the details should have been good long ago?

Am I wrong? Pencil line drawing, vectorization, is it difficult? Isn’t pencil a better human-computer interaction? Isn’t that what designers need? Or am I a layman?

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The spline paradigm is more about placing control points that define the curve. The movement of a pen can be translated in several differing ways into a spline, depending on precision, style, harmonisation requirements, personal preference. And even if I clearly define all my preferences, there are still several equally valid ways of creating the spline.

The pencil movement can be translated sufficiently well into a bitmap picture (and you can already do that with Jens Kutílek’s Scrawl plug-ins in Plugin Manager), but there is no one-size-fits-all vector conversion.

No it’s not that good yet. Even if you could have a great bezier approximation algorithm, it still takes ages to draw a nice simple curve with a brush-like tool while bezier pen tool achieves that in an instant (beautiful curves are its specialty after all). Pen-drawing method is only appealing in our dreams but not in practice.

I am indeed layman.Unexpectedly, the pencil drawing line vectorization has not been achieved well, but this function is too important.Compared with the mouse, it is a better human -computer interaction.

I agree with @wstytdzj. Direct vector drawing have a lot of pros but for some letter shapes I must go back to pen drawing. At the moment I use Procreate and put the image as a background in Glyphs.
It feels more like sculpting the shape and definitely get to different results.
I also wish in the future it could be done directly to the letter, whithout having to use bitmaps. Maybe one day!