Will the background colour in Glyphs 3 still remind me of my mother-in-law?

back in July 2020, I posed the question shown in the image below. Am I correct in assuming that this is unchanged in Glyphs 3?

Yes, you can change that in Glyphs 3, going to Glyphs > Preferences… > Appearance > Background layer stroke color.

Although, that is also possible in Glyphs 2: Glyphs > Preferences… > User Settings > Background stroke color

You can change the color with this commands in the macro window:

Glyphs.colorDefaults["GSColorBackgroundCanvas"] = "#ff00ff"
Glyphs.colorDefaults["GSColorBackgroundCanvasDark"] = "#ff0000"

Of cause change the color values after the #. Or use "rgba(r,g,b,a)" or "hsba(h,s,b,a)".


thanks, but this changes the stroke colour, not the entire background (or the canvas)

I have installed it

What version of Glyphs and processor do you have?

I uninstalled and reinstalled a couple of times, and I have it working now. thanks

thanks again for this. is it possible to change any other elements this way? like the colour of the background stroke when in the foreground, different to the colour of the foreground stroke when in the background?

also: might it be possible to save colour theme/schemes, a bit like in Sublime Text etc.?

Allowing to export settings is on the list.

As @dannycalders mentioned above, you can change some colours in Glyphs’s preferences:

thank you, but my question is about the ability to change more than can be currently done in the preferences, and the ability to store/save/export multiple themes/schemes