Windows 8 Office Font family issue

I’v got this problem what only occurs on Windows 8 in the Office applications. Unfortunately for me, my client works on a Win 8 computer and uses mostly Office.

In the font’s folder it does show up like a family.

The font show’s up like six separate fonts instead of one family.
First it didn’t show up like a family in any office (mac / win 7 and win 8) But i fixed it for the mac.

The family contains a:

I’v tried using different names for regular (like roman and normal)
I’v tried exporting as a true type instead of OpenType.

hope someone can help me.

gr Wibo

How did you style-link the weights?

I assigned the styles in the info panel @instances,

I filled in:
Style name
Style linking

I even tried some custom parameters, but i could figure out which Property to use, there are a lot relating to font family’s

Yes, but how did you style-link?

Try this: Don’t style-link Thin, Light and Semibold. Only the Bold to the Regular. There is a section in the manual about this.

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