Won't compile/export to OTF

I’ve ported a font, originally built it in FL, into Glyphs, and made new feature code. When I try to compile the features or export the Glyphs file to OTF, I get this:

MakeOTF error
Error: “expecting EOF (text was “zero”)” in Feature file at line: 4

I’ve gone over line 4 of all the features and can’t figure out what this refers to. Can you help?

Many thanks.

You can check the features by clicking the compile button in Font Info > Features. If that does not help read this: http://www.glyphsapp.com/tutorials/troubleshooting-a-font-that-does-not-export

Thanks, Georg. But I did click the compile button; that’s how I got the original error message. And when I tried to check the temp file as per your troubleshooting tutorial, I found there was no generateFont.command in the folder for the relevant weight.

All the zero glyphs seem to be properly named, with no space characters. And as I said, I can’t see any problem with Line 4 on any of my features.

What does the feature file in the temp folder say in line four?

Can you send me the .glyphs file?

Line four reads:

zero zero.tf zerosuperior zeroinferior zero.numr zero.dnom

Sending .glyphs file. Thanks so much for having a look.

Removing the line did the trick.