Words cut off horizontally when being generated to a template

I’ll try and make as much sense as I can. I’ved made a font in glyphs that are being used in a ERP program called workbook basically a system that automates business tasks such as making receipts, contracts ect. So the idea is that you write some text in a box and the program generates / fits that text into a predesigned template.

The problem that I am encountering is, that when the text is being generated / fittet into the template, cuts happen in the text. i.e the last letter is cut of a word, when a textline gets to long. I’ve talked to the developers of the program who says it’s the font.

Being new to type development I haven’t been able to find a solution to the problem and so I turn to the bright minds of this forum.

The font is exported as a true type font

Kind regards

Without looking at the font itself, it is difficult to understand. Can you send it and some screenshots to support at this domain?

WIll do, thank you