Work with italics is very difficult


I find positioning of italics very difficult. Everything is skewed but axis are not so positioning a node at x:150, y:500 requires math with sinus functions or heavy use of guides which is quite annoying.
The real nightmare starts when I try to make ligatures. I am confused. How to make it with automatic alignment enabled?

Why 0,0 point (origin) is not at the bottom-left corner of metrics window but somewhere on the right?

What to do about it? How should a workflow look like?

The origin point is assumed at half the x-height, i.e., where the slanted LSB crosses it.

The measurements you see when you hold down ctrl+opt+cmd are in the italic angle, so it is easy to see if a point is exactly above another. Another way is to draw upright, then slant it and make corrections.

Can you describe what exactly you are trying to do with ligatures?

Thanks to the info that an origin pt is at half of the x-height, my problem with ligatures is gone.

Yes, I am aware of a measurement tool and I use it a lot, but what I miss here is typing a value in x or y field and have a job done. Now I had to struggle with guides :frowning:

Perhaps an idea: 1. draw upright (or enter x, y values) 2. in the Palette, set your transformation origin to 1/2 x-height, and slant to the italic angle

ok. thanks.

Hoping that someday there will be an option to skew the axis :slight_smile: