Working on Chinese causes huge slow down

Hi there,
I am working on a Hanzi font but Glyphs massively slows down. It takes seconds to perform simple actions like opening the menu ‘Add Glyphs’ - And it takes minutes to perform ‘medium size’ actions.

Whether I use Glyphs 2.6.6 or 3 makes no difference. Is there a solution?
Running on MacBook Pro 2015, Intel i7, Mojave

Can you send me the file and also a screencast of some operations that take so long (just to make sure we are looking at the same things)?

Thank you for getting into this. After a day with this, I crashed my file. After setting it up again, it works fine now. Just very small and tolerable delays while working. I just can guess it might had to do with the automatic alignment, which I turned off the second time which might have had caused untolerable widths (over 15000 units and such). But it’s just a guess.

You don’t happen do have the old file (before it crashed) around? It would be good to look into this.

Partly. I have a version which is already a bit slow and pushes my cpu up to 100%. But it’s not the super-crazy-last version. How can I send it?

Send it by email to support at this domain or out a dropbox (or similar) in a direct message her in the forum.