Wrap Text Issue


I am trying to figure out how to implement in NiceForm a (not rich) text box that has a fixed size and fixed font size but should manage to perform an automatic word wrap when the corresponding variable bears a string that doesn’t fit to a single line. In the attachment you can see the text box, now it “shrinks” the font size to fit it in the box if the text is long. I don’t want the font to be shrinked, but with a fixed size it has to fit the “first” line and then continue to the next if it doesn’t fit. The box size is adjusted to host two lines of text.I want to avoid any solution that contemplates to split the box in two, because I have some situation when the variable contains a CR+NL that I have to “print”, eg I have to go to the second line with the following text.I hope I was clear in my explanation.Thank you to anyone providing me a hint.

Please help.

I didn’t find the right solution from the Internet.

Custom explainer video


Can you post a mock-up of what you want to do? Because I do not fully understand what you are trying to achieve. And the video link did not work for me.

Mind you, control characters cannot be part of an OT feature, and some things are done by the layout engine, not within the font.