Wrong Gujarati mark-to-ligature code derived from conjunct anchors

Sorry to hijack your thread Titus (hi!:wave:t5:)

Does the mark-to-ligature (gpos type 6) lookup also generate in scripts other than Arabic and Hebrew? I need this for the Nukta in Gujarati conjuncts where it can be applied to both–1st and 2nd consonant in the conjunct. The following image illustrates bottomleft_1 and bottomleft_2 under their respective consonant.

The result is a mark-to-base lookup with only the first anchor being registered. Is there anything else I need to do to activate the generation of the mark-to-ligature feature?

Many thanks!

Hello @kalapi, I took the liberty and moved the post to a new topic, so it is easier to find in the future.

Can you send the .glyphs file to support (at) (this website without www) please. We will have a look.