Zapfino Font and Preview band


I am very new in this. I want to make a font with a long Ascender and Descender, but the preview band is cropping them. Am I missing something?

As a sample, I opened the Zapfino font on Glyphs to see how Glyphs would handle and preview it. But all of the characters open as question mark. What is the cause of this problem?


Just set your Ascender and Descender values accordingly: File > Font Info > Masters > Metrics

Which Zapfino is this? I can take a copy of the Zapfino.ttf from the system and open it in Glyphs just fine.

Thank you for your reply.

The version of the font is: 8.0d1e1 as it comes with Mountain Lion.

That font opens with all glyphs named “newGlyph” and when double-click on any glyph, only a question mark opens.

And about the Ascender and Descenders, yes I know where to set it. But I wanted to extend them on some of my glyphs much beyond the set amount in the font info. I want to design a new Arabic (Persian) font with very different look of a usual font. I don’t mind if they go to the other lines of the text in a the text block. But as I see it seems that it is impossible in Glyphs program.

As I told before I am new in this and still learning how things work.

Thank you!

What version of Glyphs do you have?

1.3.15 (413). I bought it from Mac AppStore.

The ascender and descender values are used to calculate the line height. Together (i.e. the overall distance from desc to asc), they should not extend too far beyond your UPM value. Feel free to experiment how far you can go, but be aware that there are some technical limitations.

For example, if asc+desc = 3500, perhaps try 3000 as UPM.