Zero width characters don't have metrics anymore?

Not a good idea for drawing accents I think

And double clicking doesn’t work when working in textview.

You can give them space. I usually add 20 for LSB and RSB. The width will set to zero on export.

Ok, how does it work exactly? It makes the width 0 or the LSB and RSB 0? How can I be sure that it will get centred properly? I don’t really trust Glyphs to automate this thing properly…

For LTR scripts, it does move the LSB to the right (to allow a certain overhang to the left) and the opposite for RLT script. If you put the anchors on the RSB, it will be centred.

Why do you need it centred?

Ooh, this is not good news, and another case of automation gone bad. In some writing systems, some marks need to overhang to the right, not the left, and doing it this way will result in glyphs appearing above the wrong consonant when the mark feature is switched off. (Check Burmese kinzi sequences for an example.)

I thought non-spacing combining diacritics need to have zero width?

Symmetrical glyphs should be centered? I was just thinking sometimes I’m working on them and they get moved around and was confused if that was going to be a problem.

And now I’m not sure I understand what I should do. For example, a macron is 100 units wide, glyph width 0, LSB -50, RSB -50. I’m supposed to now make the width 40 and have LSB -30, RSB -30? And on export the width becomes 0… But you’re saying it “move the LSB to the right”? Why would I put my anchors on the RSB? I put the anchors for my macron and all diacritics on the centre?

Can you please show me your solution for LTR scripts for looking at zero width glyphs and still see metrics? I suppose it could be a plugin, like always show metrics and blue zones…

You still can position the marks in the bounding box as needed. But is it possible render burmese without mark feature? Or are they not supposed to be positioned with marks but by normal text layout?

It’s not good to try Burmese without mark positioning, but it’s entirely possible (though probably clashes are inevitable).

Can you please explain how it works Georg because I added some spacing (+20 LSB and RSB) and it messes up the placement in other glyphs already, i.e. the spacing diacritics are no longer centred. Then at export…


After +20 LSB and RSB:

After export:

This is how it is supposed to work. The left sidebearing is retracted upon the right sidebearing.

Unrelated advice: With Latin, Cyrillic and Greek nonspacing combining marks, you would usually want a positive RSB, for situations where mark attachment fails.

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