Zoom bug: Zooming in I can't pan up to the ascender height

Zooming in I can’t pan up to the ascender height.
Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

This is probably due to the settings you have defined in Font Info > Masters.
Can you share a screenshot of this panel?

Don’t worry, thank you! I solved the problem by editing the settings in Font Info>Masters.
Thank you!

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I’m having the same issue with descenders. Can someone please tell me what needs to be changed in settings/master metrics in order to get this working properly? Thanks!

What are your ascender and descender settings in Font Info > Masters?

725 & -275 respectively

Your typo/hhea descender values need to be negative. win is the only descender value that is positive.

Another note: your winAscent should most probably not be smaller than your typo/hhea ascender. The winAscent needs to englobe the highest point in the entire font. You can use the mekkablue script Vertical Metrics Manager. The vertical metrics tutorial on the Glyphs Learn pages is also very comprehensive.

fontbakery.com will warn you of these issues as well.

Thank you @SCarewe, somehow i did loose the “-” in the typo/hhea descender. It has fixed the issue. Hurray!

I added a check to make sure the typoDescender is treated as negative.

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